When You Buy Essays, Pay Attention to These 5 Warning Signs

When the option to buy essays on the web first appeared, students rushed to place orders in hope for academia relief and A’s for any paper. Buying essays then was a mistake. Then, as well as today, there are plenty of fraudulent websites that aim to sell you plagiarized who-knows-what. And although nowadays the situation changed for better, back in the day many students took some hard time explaining themselves to educational authorities.

Are you still looking to buy essays online despite things said above? That’s actually a nice move. First off, those thieving sites of early 00’s could stand up to the competition only by becoming real-deal companies putting money where the mouth was. Secondly, quality of provided service is way higher, while few professors can actually tell a customized paper from one done by a student. However, fraud still takes place, but this article will teach you how to avoid it! Watch out for the following signs.

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Old-fashioned site design

First impressions are most lasting. When you find yourself at a website without any appealing eye-candy or at least some hint at keeping up with the times, better stay away from this old-timer and opt for a better up-to-date alternative. Chances are high this is an old site exploited for the sake of illicit profiteering.

No Support hotline (or when it’s not toll-free)

When you want to buy essay content but there’s no Support hotline, it’s a sign of zero attention to clients. Today any reliable service has phone Support, or at least a Live chat! If not, you’re being fooled.

When someone offers to buy an essay for sale

When you buy an essay at a site offering papers for sale, you’re actually inches away from getting a cat in the sack. Yes, price is luring, especially when a topic fits, but academia writing for money isn’t a place to risk your funds. Only a fail-proof solution can actually pay off.

Too many guarantees

Don’t believe in what people tell you, especially when the claim isn’t backed up by vivid actions. Services will promise you mountains of gold to make you buy essays online from them. Of course, having a guarantee might secure you from unexpected pitfalls and road blocks, but a guarantee isn’t a 100% proof of integrity. Reviews, testimonials, and recommendations are a much better credibility source.

No refund policy

Before you buy an essay online, take time to study the refund policy of a site of your choice. What are the terms, what are the time frames, and what is the compensation amount – these are the top three questions to inquire. Without a refund system, anyone can get the best of you. So, stay sharp.

Brief summary for those who didn’t read the article above

  • When choosing a writing service, website looks reflect how owners treat their product
  • Support hotline or at least a Live chat are must-have
  • Essays for sale are no good, too risky and cost-ineffective
  • The more guarantees there are, the less power they have
  • No refund system, no order placement