Our Guarantees

What makes us say that our services are the best of the kind? Apart from an extremely professional staff, we have a number of guarantees that will ensure you’re in good hands regarding your academic performance. Here, we will list some of them, so that you can see how well you are protected when you decide to get help at ValWriting academic service.

On-time delivery of your orders

As all students are concerned about deadlines, we are concerned with them as well. We strive to meet all your expectations, and timely delivery is among the most important ones. We don’t play around with your time. We value it and ensure that all the work is done in a timely manner. Over 30% of our customers even get their orders executed well before the deadline. By the way, we are one of a few companies where you can get your paper as fast as in 3 hours.

No plagiarism whatsoever

What we don’t like absolutely is plagiarised content. Our writers will compose your paper from scratch and use all the sources properly, which includes the reference page and in-text citations. Every order we complete is unique, which is why you won’t find anything like it on the web.

Real-time communication with your writer

In order to assure the utmost satisfaction of our customers, we have designed a communication platform on our website, through which you’ll be able to discuss your order with your writer directly. If you have any questions regarding the writing process or need to clarify something, or just want to take a glance at a draft, shoot your assistant a message — he or she will respond immediately after they get it.

Free revisions after you’ve got your paper ready

In case you have remembered something important that needs to be included in your paper after you’ve received it, you are free to ask for a revision. It often happens that instructors check the assignments and ask to make some amendments — so why do a revision on your own, especially since it’s absolutely free within the whole 2 weeks!

We’ll return your money back

We’ll do all we can to ensure your satisfaction with the result. In case something out-of-order happens, and we fail to meet your expectations, and no revisions have helped to fix the mistake, you can ask for a full refund. Just like everyone else, we don’t like refunds, so we strive to deliver only excellent thoroughly written papers.

Have any questions about our guarantees? Just send a message to our Support Team via Live Chat or phone, and they will consult you.