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Hello, name’s Peter, I’m a permanent client at Val Writing. For how long? For a couple of years, maybe. The problem is, it always was hard to write my essays, as I neither like the process nor am good at it. For me, all these papers are a waste of time, an obstacle standing between actually studying and wasting hours on doing essays no one will ever remember about. That’s how I felt and feel now, and that’s how I became a client of the service.

How I decided to pay someone to write my essay on the internet? My friend’s mother works in this lab, and she’s also employed with Val Writing. Although I needed an essay in Literature, not Science, I still turn an attentive eye to such option. How it all ended? Quite successfully. Today I’d rather paid an expert and had the job done in the morning, rather than crouching over textbooks once again in my lifetime.

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When I stopped to write my essays? Like, a year ago or so

As a sophomore, I somehow did write my essay assignments half on my own and half by ordering them at Now I’m a second-year student, and I actually got smarter. Now I know all a professor cares about is a topic-relevant paper, zero mistakes, and properly applied APA style, that’s it. People have hundreds of written tasks to check every week, so they have no time for such nonsense as whether an essay has been done by me or by anyone else.

Of course, when I receive a new paper, I normally check its ins and outs, learn the contents and re-write a couple of sentences to sound my style. Normally, it might take up to half an hour of duck soup sentence amending, which is nothing in comparison to those sleepless nights I used to have during the year one at college. Precaution measures are needed, because if a professor wakes up on the wrong side of the bed, I have to be ready to defend the work. Did it happen often? A couple of times in two years, but those pre-emptive measures paid off well.

My essay writing improved, so did my subject grades

Does anyone know I’m not writing my essay tasks? Not that I know of. Val Writing is known to encrypt any payment data, so my card balance is safe, no one can spot a hitch. I pay via a credit card, and the payment info comes as a senseless set of financial words or terms.

Do I tell friends or my girlfriend? No, even that friend who told me about the service doesn’t actually know I’m using it. My essay writing secret is something I would like to keep that way even when I graduate. Do I have any qualms of conscience? Absolutely not, I did and by all means do fine. Plus, today students adopt lots of online tools and instruments to make life in college easier. How come Val Writing any different?

7 key things I’d like to note out about Val Writing

  • I always check papers I receive for plagiarism, none of the many papers I got exceeded an academic limit
  • Paper customization options are rather numerous
  • Timing at the website is okay, but I’d suggested placing orders in advance nonetheless
  • I work part-time, so the issue of paying for papers isn’t very acute for me, but still prices were rather average across the market last time I checked
  • I use my credit card, but you normally could use PayPal or Payoneer
  • Whenever I have any amendments to papers to make, a writer is flexible in terms of such revisions
  • The cumulative discount is a deal-breaker for students like myself with numerous orders